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A subsidiary of PEDAGOGY, we offer trusted professional certification programs. As authorized Certiport resellers, we empower clients in Lebanon, UAE, Qatar, and Turkey, with top quality certifications and exceptional service

Trending Certifications


Unlock your IT potential with Microsoft Certifications – the key to tech mastery and career growth


Elevate your creative prowess with Adobe Certifications – the gateway to design expertise and success

Project Management Institute

Fast-track your leadership journey with a certification that primes you for project success

Offered certifications


The core of our approach revolves around providing tailored educational and managerial aid to our clients, with the aim of assisting them to overcome financial and marketing barriers throughout their journey

Advising Services, Research, and Studies

We offer evaluation, planning, implementing, and structure development to meet you unique needs, and ensure long-term growth

For Capacity Building

Our training workshops for continued professional development, faster skill enhancement, and career growth through industry best practice

Establishing and Developing Curricula

Offering an array of services, we manage P2 publishing house, develop interactive curricula, and convert textbooks into e-books to enrich educational experiences

Your Partner
In Empowering Lifelong Learning

At PEDAGOGY plus, we provide a holistic approach to education, encompassing all facets of an academic institution, including academics, administration, finance, and marketing


Our aim is to empower institutions and individuals through tailored, research driven, and technology- enhanced educational solutions


We promote collaboration, enabling institutions and learners to excel with our expertise in curriculum innovation and data-driven strategies

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